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In Legen near Slovenj Gradec we are offering a 33.024 m² big farm, that is currently undergoing a rezoning process and will be soon zoned as a real touristic settlement. This property is perfect for someone with ambitions to develop an own vacation area…

There is a big and private residence for sale in the vicinity of Celje/Dobrna. It con-sists of 9.434 m² land, 2 residential houses, a garage, and vineyards. If you are looking for privacy you will for sure get it with the purchase of this property.

In Feistritz, that lies in southern Austria, we are selling a house that can be used as business premises or even as a family home with many square metres around it. Real estate prices are currently anyhow exploding, so this one is a real opportunity for everyone, who would not like to throw the money out of the window. We would be happy to show you around.

We are searching for a piece of land, where a construction of a house, residency, or villa with additional hangars for private aircraft would be possibile. The real estate needs to be located near a civil airfield along the Croatian coast with good visibility over the Adriatic Sea, with a direct access for private civil planes towards the private hangars.

Near the Airport in (Ljubljana, Kranj, Šenčur) we are selling 1,438.30 m² of commercial space, that can be used as an office, production facility, warehouse or sales area. The current owner wishes to rent all the premises for at least 5 years and is willing to pay a good rental price and a ROI in the range between 7% and 8%. Check it out.

In the centre of Kranj we are selling 13.504 square metres of construction land and a project, that is planning to build 188 terraced apartments, several retail units and a multi-functional culture hall… Today (13.05.2021) there are 60 apartments for sale in the area with 1.998,83 EUR/m² in average. There are currently just two new apartments available with 2.746,33 EUR/m² sales price in average. The potential is huge and the city is local market is waiting, that somebody is carrying out a bigger residential investment.

Ilirska Bistrica has many investment possibilities. Especially the industrial zone can be of particular interest for companies that are searching for a production location without any neighbors and a good acess to the ports of Rieka, Koper and Triest. 

Moreover, we have got some new properties, hotels, restaurants and bars, whose owners would like to sell, but they would not like to announce this in the standard real estate advertisements. If you are looking for a restaurant or a hotel with a running business, we could be able to assist.

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