Pojdi na glavno vsebino

O podjetju


Drage stranke. Zdravje je pomembno. Med ogledom nosite zaščito za usta in nos ter si večkrat razkužite roke. Držite 2 metra varnostne razdalje do drugih ljudi. Skrbimo za redno prezračevanje prostorov, kar pomeni, da pozimi v zaprtih prostorih lahko naletimo na nižje temperature – zato s seboj prinesite ustrezna oblačila. Oglede napravimo posamično po predhodnem dogovoru, prosimo, da pridete največ v dvoje. Prijeten klepet ob kavi in tortici pa bomo nadoknadili, ko bo tale korona izginila.



Liebe Kunden. Gesundheit ist und wichtig. Bitte tragen Sie bei den Besichtigungen einen Mund-/Nasen-Schutz und desinfizieren Sie mehrmals Ihre Hände. Bewahren Sie 2 Meter Sicherheitsabstand zu anderen Leuten. Wir kümmern uns um eine regelmäßige Lüftung aller Raume, was im Winter bedeutet, dass es auch in Innenräumen kühler werden kann – bringen Sie also entsprechende Kleidung mit. Besichtigungen machen wir individuell nach Vereinbarung, kommen Sie bitte maximal zu zweit. Kaffeekränzchen holen wir irgendwann, nach dem Corona verschwunden ist nach.



Dear customers. Health is important. Please wear a mouth/nose protection during the property visit and disinfect your hands several times. Keep 2 meters of safety distance to other people. We take care of regular ventilation of all rooms, which means that in winter it can also get cooler indoors – so bring along appropriate clothing. We make visits individually by appointment, please join us by maximum two people. We will catch up with the tea and discussion time once corona will disappear.



The greatest luxury there is in life is not about money, or power, or the square meters you own. The greatest luxury in life is having options.

We are a specialised real estate company busy with commercial real estate in south Austria, Slovenia and the northern part of Croatia. We speak English, German, Slovenian, Croa-tian and Serbian. We are offering ready to buy properties, investment developments as well as investment ideas.

Most of all we are busy to develop projects in a pre-project phase, starting with nothing and developing to something. That something is sometimes officially announced as “the project start”. By then, we were working on the long run for quite a while. Therefore, we are good in the field of project marathon - not so much in the project sprint discipline.

We are connected to thousands of professional and private investment developers, brokers and investors, who might have just the right idea about your property. If you – the property owner - will get stuck with investment/selling/buying/re-organising property processes, then you might (sometimes) seek someone to help you out. We are great at separating sense from nonsense.

Please call us. In the worst case, you have been chatting for free, but in the best case the "idea bulb" will light your way... without any electricity.

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