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Buy, sell, rent, lease, invest, disinvest, reinvest, consider to invest…


We have a lot to say and many stories to tell, but if we would summarise the most important stuff, it would sound something like that:

Near the Airport in (Ljubljana, Kranj, Šenčur) we are selling 1,438.30 m² of commercial space, that can be used as an office, production facility, warehouse or sales area. The current owner wishes to rent all the premises for at least 5 years and is willing to pay a good rental price and a ROI in the range between 7% and 8%. Check it out.

In the centre of Kranj we are selling 13.504 square metres of construction land and a project, that is planning to build 188 terraced apartments, several retail units and a multi-functional culture hall… Today (13.05.2021) there are 60 apartments for sale in the area with 1.998,83 EUR/m² in average. There are currently just two new apartments available with 2.746,33 EUR/m² sales price in average. The potential is huge and the city is local market is waiting, that somebody is carrying out a bigger residential investment.

If you are searching for a nice apartment with an amazing view in Ljubljana we might have just the right offer for you. The first apartment has 53 square metres, the second apartment has 47 square metres and both can offer nice and big terraces. We also have good Connexions to most of the apartment owners in that particular house in Ljubljana. Some of them are renting them out, some of them are selling them and some do not have the wish to announce those things in the usual real estate advertisements. We would be happy to assist you with a purchase/sale proposal, that could be relevant for you.

Ilirska Bistrica has many investment possibilities. Especially the industrial zone can be of particular interest for companies that are searching for a production location without any neighbors.

Moreover, we have got some new properties, hotels, restaurants and bars, whose owners would like to sell, but they would not like to announce this in the standard real estate advertisements. If you are looking for a restaurant with a running business, we could be able to assist.


Here are properties with a price tag and with the main purchase conditions set. However, negotiation and discussion is expected.


We can offer the following investment developments: Prices, conditions and preliminary contracts need to be negotiated. Here are some developments, that still need some fine tuning. The current owners have developed these properties to a stage, where an input from the investor is needed.




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