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Welcome to our web pages – we are glad you are here.

We would like to briefly introduce ourselves. We are a small specialised real estate company, and we are busy with commercial real estate in south Austria, Slovenia and the northern part of Croatia. We speak English, German, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian. We are offering ready to buy properties as well as investment ideas, that might be interesting for developers.

Most of all we are busy to develop projects in a pre-project phase, starting with nothing and developing to something. That something is sometimes officially announced as “the project start”. By then, we were working on the long run for quite a while. Therefore, we are good in the field of project marathon - not so much in the project sprint discipline.

We are connected to thousands of professional investment developers, brokers and investors, who might have just the right idea about your property. If you – the property owner - will get stuck with investment/selling/buying/re-organising property processes, then you might (sometimes) seek someone to help you out. We are great at separating sense from nonsense.



We can offer the following investment ideas:

Prices, conditions and contracts need to be negotiated. Here are some ideas, that still need some fine tuning. On the other hand, the owners of this ideas have a strong wish to turn investment dreams into reality, therefore they would like to sit down with you and discuss the possibilities. Please contact us and find out…


You can also buy investments right away:

Here are investment properties with a price tag and with the main purchase conditions set. However, negotiation and discussion is expected, and they are appropriate, to find out the limits of a future cooperation. The World would not be such an exiting place if we all would be aware of our limits.


That is the end of our introduction page, but luckily it is not the end of our possibilities. We also have a couple of investment ideas on stock for possibilities, that we, for many reasons, should not announce on our web pages just like that. Working with all due care allows us just to write down these few lines of text and to invite you to contact us. Who knows? At the end of the day you might find yourself looking on to a horizon of expanding possibilities.

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