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Differently because?

We are primarily involved in commercial real estate, finding international investors, de-veloping real estate projects and rescuing hopelessly dilapidated properties, hence the company's name.

We love these things and we burn to find solutions... your solutions.


Next generation properties. Invest into real estate - they are not producing them anymore!



Develop your own real estate according to your specific needs. Here is a list of some ideas within our current scope. We are eager to help you finding your real estate.



Our web pages are about to change… a bit. Today we have a mix of three languages, that is convenient for the administrator of the web page but not so much for you - our customer, except the one of you, that are studying and learning Slovenian, German or English. We will therefore add a special language button, so you will be able to choose between Slovenian German and English.


A small reminder, that's really important those days: By wearing a mask, we are actually showing respect to others, showing that we care about their well-being and health, so wear a mask. It pays off.
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