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We are offering Next Generation Real Estate. It has nothing to do with Star Trek the Next Generation, it's more like that every family, every business owner will have sooner or later to face the question “What should I do with my business when the time of retirement will approach?” 

A lucky business owner will have a good idea who might be the representative of this “next-generation”, but according to our experiences, the majority of the business owners have certain challenges to identify whom to hand over the business. 

We can be of assistance at this point, because we are focused on finding people who would be willing to take the investment opportunity and buy such Next Generation Property. 

Similar to a good meal that needs to be cooked for some time, we would recommend to contact us in due time, as a Next Generation Property is not sold over night. The sales needs to be thoroughly prepared. Beside that, good businesses never show up on line on any of the platforms. They are sold discreetly, therefore what you can see on this website is just a fraction of what you can get when you decide to get in touch with us.

For example... we are selling Hotel Weidenhof*** at the Wörthersee lake in Carinthia and Familien Hotel Krainz*** in the thermal region of Loipersdof in Austria and that is no secret as they are visible online. 

We are selling a HOTEL in Kranjska Gora/Slovenia and another HOTEL*** in Carinthia at the Klopeiner Lake... and that is a secret as the owners would like to avoid that selling those properties would have an impact on the running business.


We love these things and we burn to find solutions... your solutions.


Next generation properties. Invest into real estate - they are not producing them anymore!

The text in our advertisements is trilingual (Slovenian, German and English).


Develop your own real estate according to your specific needs. Here is a list of some ideas within our current scope. We are eager to help you finding your real estate.

The text in our advertisements is trilingual (Slovenian, German and English).




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